Delaware from the best Authorities

  • Delaware from the best Authorities
Title: Delaware

Date: 1814

Author / Map-Maker / Publisher:
Mathew Carey

Notes: This is from the highly sought after 1814 edition of Carey’s General Atlas, and the first edition to use standard outline hand color.

Mathew Carey was a seminal figure in early American publishing, establishing the first publishing firm to specialize in cartography and issuing the first atlas devoted exclusively to American maps. He set up an elaborate cottage system of craftsmen for compiling, engraving, printing, and coloring maps. This practice was emulated by later American cartographic publishers such as John Melish and Henry S. Tanner. The American Atlas concept was also adopted by other publishers in both the United States and Europe.

Framed in an antique oak frame with gold leaf inner lip. UV filtering glass, acid free matting.

Price: $1100

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